DiCOM AWT Progress Update

Wednesday 19th of August 2015

Seeking to achieve the right environmental outcomes.

The construction phase of the DiCOM Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) Plant in Shenton Park is now nearing its completion. 

AnaeCo Ltd and Monadelphous Group Ltd have indicated that at the end of current shutdown period in October 2015, the plant is likely to enter its final performance trials. On the successful completion of these trials, the plant will commence commercial operation.

The Western Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC) understands that there have been a number of complications during the Design and Construction phase and that the owner, DiCOM, is now in discussions with AnaeCo and Monadelphous as to what is required in order to achieve the successful completion of the performance trials.

In a recent ASX release, AnaeCo referred to discussions between the AnaeCo/Monadelphous Joint Venture and DiCOM about revised performance criteria for the trials, as a result of a change in the waste composition and the mix between the WMRC’s and the City of Stirling’s waste. The Acting CEO of the WMRC, Mr Gunther Hoppe, responded to this saying “There is no evidence to show that there has been any significant change in the WMRC’s waste composition or that any change in waste composition has affected the performance of the plant, and the WMRC intends to supply its full 33,000 tonne per annum waste quota to the plant as and when required to do so.” This equates to 60% of the plant’s original design throughput of 55,000 tonnes per annum.

The AnaeCo ASX release also makes reference to processing ‘limitations’ at the WMRC’s transfer station. The WMRC is meeting all its contractual obligations in this regard and continues to work constructively with all parties involved to help overcome any limitations which may exist in the original design specification.

“The WMRC remains committed to seeing the plant operating successfully and is ready to start supplying waste to the DiCOM facility for processing as and when called upon to do so, at the contracted gate fee,” said Mr Hoppe.