Mattresses get a new spring at WMRC's transfer station.

Thursday 21st of August 2014

Mattresses can now be recycled at the Western Metropolitan Regional Council’s (WMRC) Transfer Station in Shenton Park.

Each year Perth throws out about 165,000 mattresses, only 12.9% are recycled and the rest end up in landfill. Mattresses consume a huge amount of space in landfill, space which is rapidly diminishing as our waste continues to grow. By bringing your old mattresses and ensemble bases to the Brockway Transfer Station, much of the materials in the mattress will be recycled including the springs, foam, coir and timber.

Nabilla Zayan, Sustainability Manager at the WMRC is urging residents to dispose of their mattresses responsibly by dropping them off to be recycled. “People are increasingly concerned about products ending up in landfill that can, and should, be recycled. This service gives western suburbs residents a convenient way of ensuring their old mattresses are recycled,” she said.

“While you are at the Brockway Transfer Station, you can take advantage of the other free recycling services including batteries, fluorescent lights, e-waste (computers and TVs), scrap metal, cartridges, mobile phones, cardboard, plastic, paint and motor oil.” (For the full list click here).

To encourage residents to use this service, the WMRC have partially subsidised the price charged. It costs $15 (incl. GST) per mattress or ensemble and mattresses in any condition will be accepted.