WMRC Annual Report 2013-2014 now available.

Tuesday 9th of December 2014

The WMRC's Annual Report 2013-2014 has been published.

Below are some of the highlights for the year:

  • During 2013/2014, a total of 41,077 tonnes of waste was received at the JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility. This consisted of: 33,841 tonnes of putrescible waste (including AWT-related tonnes); 7,122 tonnes of greenwaste; and 114 tonnes of other waste (e.g. tyres, electronic waste, household hazardous waste). This reflects a slight decrease in waste received over the past two years. All green waste received was sent for composting in 2013/14.

  • Implementation began of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan adopted in June 2012. This included an audit of the Transfer Station to establish priorities for access improvement.

  • The Transfer Station collected for recycling: 48 tonnes of televisions and computers; 42 tonnes of cardboard; and 15 tonnes of steel.

  • Construction of the AnaeCo AWT plant reached practical completion early in the year. Commissioning commenced in October 2013 but delays occurred with the programme just over seven months behind at the end of the year.

  • Plastic Free July grew from 500 participants in 2012 to over 2000 people in 37 countries in 2013 and won two state awards.

  • 3.6 tonnes of batteries were collected through the WMRC’s Household Battery Recycling Programme up from 3.1 tonnes last year.

  • Over 800 people flocked to the Less is More Festival organised largely by Earth Carers volunteer Lindsay Miles.

  • Plastic Free July campaign was awarded the: Waste Authority’s Infinity Award for Local Government; and Keep Australia Beautiful WA STAR Award Chairman’s Award.

Click here to read the full WMRC Annual Report 2013-14