Greenwaste Recycling

A designated greenwaste recycling area is located at the JFR (Jim) McGeough Resource Recovery Facility. Source separated greenwaste from Council verge collections, commercial customers and residents is diverted away from the waste transfer station and into the recycling operation.

Each year, approximately 8,000 tonnes of waste is recycled at the facility. The WMRC engages the services of a waste contractor grind the greenwaste into mulch. The mulch is sent for re-use into the local horticulture industry.

Click the link for Greenwaste Disposal Fees.

Residents can purchase discounted greenwaste tip passes from Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park, City of Nedlands, Shire of Peppermint Grove, and City of Subiaco.

Loading out shredded greenwaste

Loading out shredded greenwaste